2Lingua French

IPad 2Lingua FrenchVoyage to Paris
Available for the IPad on the Apple AppStore ($0.99)

Learn French in 10 minutes!

2Lingua French allows you to learn (or teach) all the expressions you need when you travel to France. No grammar. No vocabulary list. This 10-minute bilingual story (English with French expressions) takes you on a journey to Paris through language, culture and history.


Written specifically for English-speakers, the casual dialogues reinforce common expressions by recreating the natural flow between French and English, the same way that bilingual people manipulate language.

This app will allow you to:
• place language in context
• hear French at its normal speed
• listen to French phrases at a slower pace
• learn more about French culture and history through the info box
• explore the city visually through the photo album.

If learning a language is or ever has been challenging, then this app is for you!