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A Walk in Paris | 2lingua

A Walk in Paris

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PLAY: A walk in Paris (series of different scenes)


French man in the street meeting an American friend.  He is surprised that his friend is dressed like he is going to play tennis.

French man: _______________________________   (or __________________________ )

American man: ____________________________    (or ___________________________ )

F:  __ Bonjour!  Ça va?

A:  __ Hey!  What’s up?

F:  __ Ça va bien. Et toi?

A:  __ Good!

F:  __ Tu vas faire du tennis?

A:  __ Moi?  Oh non!  Why?

F:  __ Tu portes un t-shirt, un short et des tennis…

A:  __ Oh that?  That’s what I wear every day!

F:  __ Vraiment?  C’est bizarre!



2 ladies in the park with their babies.  Babies start crying.  Parents sing lullabies.

American Lady: ________________________________   (or ___________________________ )

French Lady: __________________________________  (or ___________________________ )


F: __ Bonjour!  Ça va?

A: __ Ça va.

F:  __ Comment s’appelle votre bébé?

A:  __Mary.

F: __ Moi aussi!  Mon bébé s’appelle Marie!  Quelle coïncidence!  Quel âge a votre bébé?

A: __ She’s two months old.  Un, Deux.  She’s deux months old.  (baby cries)  Oh no, baby don’t cry! It’s ok!  Rock-a-bye baby, in the treetop, when the wind blows, the cradle will rock, when the bough breaks, the cradle will fall, and down will come baby, cradle and all.

F:  __Oh, jolie chanson!  Qu’est-ce que c’est?

A: __ Oh, it’s an old lullaby.  It’s about a baby in a cradle, on top of a tree.  The wind blows, and the cradle and the baby fall.

F: __ Mais c’est horrible! (So loud the other baby cries)  Oh non!  Bébé ne pleure pas!

Alouette, gentille alouette

Alouette, je te plumerai

Je te plumerai la tête

(Je te plumerai la tête)

Et la tête (Et la tête)

Alouette (Alouette)


Alouette, gentille alouette

Alouette, je te plumerai

Je te plumerai le cou

(Je te plumerai le cou)

Et le cou (Et le cou)

Et la tête (Et la tête)

Alouette (Alouette)


Alouette, gentille alouette

Alouette, je te plumerai


A: __ Oooooh, what a cute and cheery song!  What does it mean?

F: __ It’s about a bird.  It says that I will pluck your feathers.  I will pluck the feathers off your head, I will pluck the feathers of your neck…

A: __How horrible!


At the restaurant

2 people going to a fancy restaurant.  The restaurant is booked and they can’t get in.

Maître D: _________________________________  (or ___________________________ )

French person: _____________________________  (or ___________________________ )


M: __ Désolé Madame.  Le restaurant est complet.  Il faut une réservation.  Au revoir Madame.  Bonne soirée Madame.  Au revoir!”

F: __ Zut alors!  I guess I should have known that!  This restaurant is so famous that you need to reserve months in advance!  Oh well, it’s quite pricy anyway so let’s go somewhere a little more affordable.  D’accord?  D’accord!  Here, “une brasserie” is just what we need.   Good food, great atmosphere and much cheaper!


2 groups of students.  No talking, just table manners.

One group of Americans: _____________________________________________________________

One group of French: _______________________________________________________________

(4 students from the restaurant + one more person) 

Student 1: ___________________________  (or ___________________________ )

Student 2: ___________________________  (or ___________________________ )

Student 3: ___________________________ (or ___________________________ )

Student 4: ___________________________  (or ___________________________ )

Student 5: ___________________________ (or ___________________________ )


1: __ I feel much better after that “steak frites” steak and fries.  Don’t you love how thin and crispy those fries were?

2:  __ I don’t know why people call them “French” fries but my guess is that the fries in France are just the best!

1:  __ I don’t think that’s why, but they are really good!….  And that “mousse au chocolat” for dessert?  Wasn’t that the best chocolate mousse ever?  So rich and fluffy?

3:  __ Hum…  This was a good Brasserie.  We should go back one day!  Quelle heure est-il?  Only 3?  Let’s go visit the Eiffel Tower!  D’accord?

All: __ D’accord!

3:  __ Did you know that it was built for the world exhibition in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel?

4:  __  1889? Vraiment?

3:  __  Vraiment.  And at that time, people thought it was so ugly that they actually signed a petition to have it destroyed.

4:  __  Good thing it didn’t happen!  The view of Paris from up here is just magnificent!  All those balconies and all those roofs with the red chimneys!

2:  __  Oui!  You can really see history around you.  It’s so beautiful it’s almost unreal!  (Bumping into someone) Oh pardon!  Excusez-moi!  Caroline!  C’est pas vrai!  Bonjour!

(bises: one person 2 bises, other 3 bises)

5:  __ Oh, that’s right!  I keep forgetting that in Paris, we only do 2 bises, un, deux.  In the South of France, it’s 3, un, deux, trois!  C’est bizarre, non?



Students playing in the courtyard of their school.  Games: un, deux, trois soleil!  En haut, en bas!



Students are in line at the bakery.

Student 1:  ___________________________  (or ___________________________ )

Student 2: ____________________________  (or ___________________________ )

Boulanger:  ____________________________ (or ___________________________ )


1: __ Oh Regardez!  Just what I need!  Une boulangerie patisserie!  (Breathing)  Ahhh!  Ca sent bon!

1:  __  Bonjour!  Je voudrais un croissant et une baguette s’il vous plaît.  C’est combien?

B:  __ C’est 3 euros.

1:  __ Voilà!  Merci!

2:  __  Bonjour.  Je voudrais 3 brioches et 5 croissants au chocolat.  C’est combien?

B:  __ C’est 10 euros.

2:  __  Voilà!

B:  __  Merci.  Bonne journée!

Mme. B:  __ Bonjour.  Je voudrais (what do you want?  Un croissant ou un croissant au chocolat?)  Je voudrais un __________.

B:  __  Désolé!  Il n’y en a plus!

Mme. B:  __  Zut alors!  Au revoir!


Where shall we go?

2 students walking in the street and trying to decide what they should do.  Student 1 wants to visit places, student 2 is not up for anything!


Student 1: ____________________________  (or ___________________________ )

Student 2: ____________________________  (or ___________________________ )


1:  __ So, where shall we go now?  Musée du Louvre?  We could see the pyramid and the Mona Lisa?  La Joconde as the French say!

2:  __ Non, pas maintenant!

1:  __ L’Arc de Triomphe?  That’s the Arch in the center of Paris with all those streets starting from it.  It looks like a star!

2:  __  Non, Pas maintenant!

1:  __  Bon, how about Notre Dame?  That’s the big cathedral from the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

2:  __  Non, Pas maintenant!

1:  __  Alors, let’s go to the Sacré-Coeur and see Montmartre where all those artists are!

2:  __ Non, Pas maintenant!  Let’s go eat a “crêpe” instead!

1:  __ Non, Pas maintenant!  We are invited for dinner tonight remember?

2:  __  Ah oui, c’est vrai!




Dinner invitation

2 people getting ready to go to a dinner party.  They talk about what they should bring.  Then they ring the bell…


Student 1:  ___________________________  (or ___________________________ )

Student 2: ___________________________  (or ___________________________ )

Lady: _______________________________  (or ___________________________ )

Husband: ___________________________  (or ___________________________ )


1:  __  So what shall we bring?

2:  __  She said “rien”, that means “nothing” so we bring nothing.

1:  __  Oh, we should bring something.  She said “rien” which means “nothing” so that means she wants us to bring something!

2:  __  Bizarre!

1:  __  Let’s bring flowers.  The French like flowers.  There are flower shops everywhere!

2:  __  D’accord!  Here.  This big plant here is pretty.  I think they are some kind of daisies.

Ding dong!

L:  __  Bonsoir!  Entrez entrez!

1:  __  Voilà pour vous.

L:  __  Oh, merci… (To her husband)  They brought me flowers for dead people!!!

H:  __   Forget about it!  C’est pas grave!

L:  __  Asseyez-vous, asseyez-vous!…


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