Jheengur aur Cheenti  


Brrr… Bahut thand hai! Aur bahut hava bhi hai! It’s so cold and windy! I don’t feel like singing anymore, now that summer is over and the north wind is blowing. Mujhe bhookh lagi hai! I am hungry and there are no bugs to eat. No flies! No worms! Koi makkhiyaan nahin! Koi keede nahin! Let’s go see what I can borrow from my neighbor.

Hello Ant! My name is Cicada.

Namaste Cicada. Mera naam Ant hai.

Tum kaisi ho?

Just fine. Main theek hoon, dhanyavaad. Aur tum?

Not good at all. Main theek nahin hoon.

What's up? Kyoon, kya hua?

I am hungry. Mujhe bhookh lagi hai! Mujhe bahut bhookh lagi hai! Tumhaare paas kuchh khaane ke liye hai? I just need a little grain to survive until next summer. Main tumhe paise doonga! I’ll pay you. I’ll even add interest, I promise. Help me. Please! Krupaya meri madad karo!

I don’t want your money! And I don’t have anything to give you!

Tum buri ho! No, not nice at all!

Tum garmi mein kya karte ho?

What do I do in the summer? Main gaata hoon. I sing, my dear.

Tum gaate ho?

Haan, main gaata hoon. Raat aur din. All night, all day. Kyoon?

That’s nice! Acchha hai! You sing? Well, dance now! Goodbye! Phir milenge!


There is a time for work and a time for play