La Cicala e la Formica  


Brrr. Che freddo ! Che vento! It’s so cold and windy! I don’t feel like singing anymore, now that summer is over and the north wind is blowing. Ho fame! I am hungry and there are no bugs to eat. No flies! No worms! Niente mosche! Niente vermi! Let’s go see what I can borrow from my neighbor.

Hello Ant! My name is Cicada.

Ciao Cicada. Mi chiamo Ant.

Come stai?

Just fine. Bene grazie. E tu?

Not good at all. Non sto bene.

What's up? Cosa é successo?

I am hungry. Ho fame! Ho molta fame! Hai qualcosa da mangiare? I just need a little grain to survive until next summer. Ti pago! I’ll pay you. I’ll even add interest, I promise. Help me. Please! Aiutami, perfavore!

I don’t want your money! And I don’t have anything to give you!

Non sei molto gentile! No, not nice at all!

Cosa fai in estate?

What do I do in the summer? Io canto. I sing, my dear.


Sí. Canto. Notte e giorno. All night, all day. Perché?

That’s nice! É bello! You sing? Well, dance now! Goodbye! Arrivederci!


There is a time for work and a time for play