Explore 7 languages through bilingual fables

About these fables

Like many fun projects, the idea for these fables came about over the dinner table. We don't remember what we ate that night, but we should have that same dish again.

After talking to lots of supportive folks, raising funds through kickstarter, interviewing native speakers, designing all the graphics, brainstorming the format of the fables, adapting the fables for kids, and turning the fables in free IPad apps, we're finally done!


Thanks to all our kickstarter sponsors who made this project possible! We love you all. You guys are awesome!

A special thanks to our Silver & Golden sponsors. Your generous support allowed us to reach our goals quickly and saved us more time and stress than you'll ever know:

Thanks to Toan for letting us use CVille Coffee for the TV interview and kickstarter kick-off event.

Your fables in 7 languages